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    5 star review  The technology you produce is so incredible !!! I'm a great fan since your beginnings in 1998. I luckily came 2 time to visit your buildings. You always have a century ahead. You are the precursors of artificial intelligence, which will inevitably involve community intelligence. Congratulations ! And thank you for the (free) coffee ! 😉

    thumb Laurent Goy

    4 star review  Google classroom is a very useful tool when working with students at a middle school. Although it is difficult when you post an assignment in classwork and it is moved to the top instead of the folder you want it to be in. When you have 8 different periods of classes it's hard to go to every single period and move the assignment to the respected folder. Please fix this ASAP because as a teacher it is hard to keep up with all the assignments when you have to manually move all the folders.

    thumb Luke Haglund

    5 star review  “My daughter lives here and the times I’ve visited I’ve been very impressed. The apartment building has updated living spaces, great sized apartments, and is very easy to get to! The building seemed very safe, secure, and well lit. There is tons of parking across the street in the parking lot. It is an easy walk to classes. The staff downstairs are also helpful and accommodating.” I highly recommend it.

    thumb Suzanne Foote

    1 star review  I'm sure it's all great and fun when you work for them, but never buy any of their Pixel products through them. Their support system is incredibly horrible. You can't get someone on the phone. It takes an hour to get someone on chat. And then they don't have a solution for something that competitors and certain stores can fix in minutes (damaged delivery).

    thumb R. N.

    5 star review  Name's Jason Kenyon had my first dentist appointment in a few years and I have to say did not have a problem at all. Fantastic customer service, made me feel relaxed. Would definitely recommend 10 times over. 👍😀

    thumb Celina Gonzalez

    1 star review  Constant changing, never honest. To much data collection and storage, too many affiliates that data is shared with. Compensation for advertising but never sells your information??? Never up to date but constantly updating apps with minor bug fixes. Not debugged! Always have to sigh in, stores all of my information and says they have the best security yet does not know if it was me that signed in? I think there stealing as as middle man of business, not allowing people to access the correct business website. Posting their own website and charging more than the real price offered by the original manufacturers price. Not compensating for collecting information that they store on there servers for free.

    thumb Todd Knickerbocker

    5 star review  Beautiful! The building is filled with other Black Owned Businesses as well... Everyone is very sweet and professional My esthetician is very knowledgeable and makes you feel at home... It was just the right atmosphere for me to relax and receive the best facial I’ve had in a long while!! I will definitely be back! -Returning Client😍

    thumb Mani Mack

    5 star review  Google is a great company. My pet peeve with them is that I have about 9000000 views of my photos, they didn't send me a pair of socks:) I have made nothing, and they will not give me a discount on a PIXEL phone. I think it would be great field testing of Pixels as the Social Influencers (Local Guides) were given beta test phones to test for feedback and maybe product promotion. I hope everyone at Google reads this:) Merry Christmas!

    thumb Dean Bartholomew

    5 star review  Being a part of the Local Guides I have felt like I could travel around the world at any time, even during any slowdowns along the way. I love seeing and reading about amazing restaurants, architecture, and culture as well as natural beauty and sports from around the world. And all of this with a personal touch. What a great thing!

    thumb Peter Carlesimo

    5 star review  One of the Leading multinational technology company that has been providing services for decades.......... Everything's about Google is amazing.... Be it with their Apps, Online Services or Technology....... Google also enabled me to be a Local Guide.... And it's really fun helping the Local people and reviewing places about......... My experience with Google has been great.... The company aims to provide even better services in the future by constantly working round the clock.......

    thumb Mr. P

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