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Being a part of the Local Guides I have felt like I could travel around the world at any time, even during any slowdowns along the way. I love seeing and reading about amazing restaurants, architecture, and culture as well as natural beauty and sports from around the world. And all of this with a personal touch. What a great thing!

Peter Carlesimo Avatar Peter Carlesimo


Ngongiati tlapyu Nono Flourish Avatar Ngongiati tlapyu Nono Flourish

Every time.. Never disappointed! He gets my bite right! Painless! Family oriented! Iโ€™m NOT A FAN OF DENTIST! I can say my first Dentist! Where I do not have anxiety knowing I have an appointment! Cleanings are quick and easy!

Fatima Miles Avatar Fatima Miles

Beautiful! The building is filled with other Black Owned Businesses as well... Everyone is very sweet and professional My esthetician is very knowledgeable and makes you feel at home... It was just the right atmosphere for me to relax and receive the best facial Iโ€™ve had in a long while!! I will definitely be back! -Returning Client๐Ÿ˜

Mani Mack Avatar Mani Mack

To a company that may seem very big box, I appreciate you sending the nice card and groovy blue socks. Your services allows my life to flow without going a skew, that is why I leave such a kind review. Giving to the many, what once available to only a select few. From first signing up to your Gmail service all those years back, you surely help this human stay on track, that is why I write my reviews, so people find their next snack. We were taught your Search engine in grade school, now many years later I wonder if some people at Yahoo feel quite like the fool. You give us James Bond like technology, (for a fraction of a penny), I look up at the stars with Google Sky Maps astronomy, even used your Search to discover my own anatomy. From mysterious sores, to Olympic scores, I have even Googled various human history's lores, all while playing your mini games, avoiding work and chores. Your AI is something for celebration, I know I thank them for this silica based invention. Setting forth and correcting human intention, this is why the good people at Google get this honourable mention. On Maps I leave a poem here or there, but I'm thankful for the technology that has allowed me to become so aware, even if I accidentally leave a nude on a public share. Wishing this great company, and all of its employees, including those experiencing this world virtually, much unity, and a big hug to you from me. Without Google our world would look quite differently, surely not running this efficiently.

Logan Solitar Avatar Logan Solitar

I booked a trip with Steve for my son and I in hopes to reel in some good ones & boy Steve did not disappoint!! He put us right where the fish where & we were all on fire!! Most importantly my son had a blast!! Thank you so much Steve we will definitely see you again!!

Mk T Avatar Mk T

Constant changing, never honest. To much data collection and storage, too many affiliates that data is shared with. Compensation for advertising but never sells your information??? Never up to date but constantly updating apps with minor bug fixes. Not debugged! Always have to sigh in, stores all of my information and says they have the best security yet does not know if it was me that signed in? I think there stealing as as middle man of business, not allowing people to access the correct business website. Posting their own website and charging more than the real price offered by the original manufacturers price. Not compensating for collecting information that they store on there servers for free.

Todd Knickerbocker Avatar Todd Knickerbocker

I'm sure it's all great and fun when you work for them, but never buy any of their Pixel products through them. Their support system is incredibly horrible. You can't get someone on the phone. It takes an hour to get someone on chat. And then they don't have a solution for something that competitors and certain stores can fix in minutes (damaged delivery).

R. N. Avatar R. N.

Just wanted to say thank you! I actually haven't been to the headquarters but I did get my socks. They are fun!! Glad to be a Local Guide and who knows maybe one day I'll get to visit Googleplex, I'm sure it's an amazing place!

Martin Armstrong Avatar Martin Armstrong

Google is the best. Plain and Simple, I need to work on my resume to work here someday! Google Inc, if you see this, let me be an ambassador for you ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Currently a Level 5 Local Guide, so working on becoming the best. Itโ€™s a beautiful campus though! The 1 thing I need added here though is a Gift Shopโ€ฆ Iโ€™d buy so much Google Apparel, would be super cool!

Derek Siroin Avatar Derek Siroin

Check out some pictures of our work